Tanya Sillers
Fine Art Photography


Having always learned visually and taken in more by seeing than any other sense, Sillers has seen humanity’s expressions, postures and the slant of our shadows. Her work expresses the excitement of urban life flashing by while allowing her and others to feel a part of it. Photography has given Sillers extraordinary freedom to capture this. She feels it is the responsibility of the artist to reveal meaning and she tries to show a balance of strength and subtlety in her pictures that reflects the living beauty of our world. 

Tanya Sillers’ pictures are taken with traditional photographic film or digital. The images are at times skewed or out of focus to reveal the movement of life in even the most still of subjects. The best of the resulting images are cropped and printed on fine art paper using archival inks in limited editions. This creates prints that last longer than traditional photographs while giving a wonderful sense of living texture.


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